Internet of Things
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Englisch wird am ChG als erste Fremdsprache ab der 5. Klasse sowie als zweite Fremdsprache ab der 6. Klasse (mit Latein als erster Fremdsprache) angeboten. Unabhängig von der ersten Fremdsprache können der sprachliche und der naturwissenschaftlich-technologische Zweig gewählt werden.

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StD Thomas Bohlen E, D (Stellvertretender Schulleiter)
OStRin Bettina Buggisch E, D, It
OStRin Karin Clarke E, L
OStR Markus Friedrich E, L, G, Sk
StDin Ursula Häuslschmid E, Sp
OStR Andreas Huber E, G, Sk
StRin Ines Huber E, Geo
StRin Simone Kaiser E, Sp
StRin Sophia Kernetzky E, Sp
StRin Christine McBreen E, F
StRin Christiane Mieslinger E, It
OStR Michael Nikaes E, Sm
OStR Gerhard Piezinger E, F
StR Christoph Scherzer E, M
OStR Andreas Scheubert E, D, Mu
OStRin Konstanze Schuch E, D, Theater (2. Fachschaftsleiterin)
Beschäft. Hannah Schweiter E, Sp
StR Roland Sontheimer E, It
StRin Regina Steinmaßl E, RK
OStRin Sigrid Strauß E, Sw
OStR Micha Völkel E, G, Sk
StRin Benita Wagner E, Sw
OStRin Ulrike Walter E, WR


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Wir freuen uns über langjährige Schulpartnerschafte mit Kinross High für Schüler und Schülerinnen der 8. Klasse.
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Basic Concepts

Basic concept of the Internet of Things (IoT)

It was Kevin Ashton who came up with the idea of data exchange between machines in 1990. That’s the reason why the Internet of Things was able to get improved in the last two decades.  

But what is the Internet of Things (short IoT)? 

The IoT is the networking between daily devices and the internet. That means that the devices are able to communicate with the servers on their own, using the internet, which gives them the ability to handle some problems that people have in everyday life. The producer wants the computers to get continually smaller and to be more and more imperceptible.

The concept of this processing is to optimize the following areas of application:

  • General information supply (e.g. television, radio)
  • Automatic orders
  • Warning functions and emergency alarms

But the main aim is to minimize the existing gaps between the virtual and the real world by providing the information of the situation of the real devices (things) to make the process in the network (internet) possible. The opinion of some experts is that the IoT is going to simplify and revolutionize our life.

(Ok - Pz)

Smart Homes

1) Introduction
2) Definition and technology
3) Aspects of Smart Homes
               - Disadvantages
               - Advantages
4) Future

http://www.klausdruemmer.de/images/unternehmen/mitarbeiter/maennchen.gif This is Mr. Future.
He's married happily and has two children. He works every day in a big company as a manager, where he earns enough money to live a wealthy lifestyle.
In the morning he usually reads the newspapers, but within the last few weeks he got a little worried: There was a big headline about thieves and only little security at home.
But thankfully, he thought, he spotted an article about "Smart Homes" right below, which guarantee more security and new technology for a better and more comfortable lifestyle.

But what is a Smart Home exactly?
And how does it work?
While informing about that topic he found this definition on nearly all the websites about Smart Homes:Homes whose technology is connected among itself and has a central  program like an app over which the Smart Home is controlled; especially if the abilities and activities are saved by the technology which can develop its own logical structure. The producer promises a better quality of life.Because the burglaries still continue, our dear Mr. Future decided to integrate the "Smart" into his "Home".
 Now he admires his new blinds and light system which he can control while sitting in bed and trying to get up. Before going to the bathroom he turns on the radiator to the temperature of nice 26 degrees. And that all with one app!
Even Mrs. Future likes the integration of the new technology that makes her life easier. For example the new fridge: it sends an alarm message if it gets too warm inside when you leave the door open or there is something hot inside, or the intelligent oven: it is already hot when Mrs. Future gets up so she can use it immediately.
Now Mr. Future is ready too, takes his cup of coffee and checks the weather station: Oh rainy, so he has to wear his thick coat indeed. Oh no! Is it already that late?! But he can't find his keys anywhere! But this isn't a problem anymore, one view on his mobile phone and he knows where to look for it. He gives his wife a kiss and walks out the door straight into the garage to his smart car. He's in a hurry but he only has to drive to a special point and the garage door opens automatically.
While her husband is working Mrs. Future goes shopping. Wait! Where are her keys? They are inside and the door is closed. Does she have to wait for her husband now? But then the fact comes to her mind that she only has to do one click. Puh! What a lucky day, seems like the new technology is definitely worth it, she thinks!

But how does this technology connect and work?
Although it might sound a little complicated it has an easy basic concept:In the Smart Home - Home Base all the different devices are connected among each other generally by radio transmission and all the information runs together in the app. So you don't even have to install cables.But what is it for?
Of course todays scientists already made studies about that and asked "Smart Homers" about disadvantages and advantages:The first worry is to lose privacy and the fear of new technology. Then of course all the installations are very expensive. Another cause of not-installation is the smart system itself and the fear of hacker attacks.
But if the risks are so high then why is there such a hype?As we could discover with the example of family Future, luxury and improvement of lifestyle are big points such as saving energy. However Mr.Futures motivation was primary the increase of security. To be on the highest standard of technology is another aspect of becoming a "Smart Homer".
So when will you join the Smart Home community? It's the integration of new technology and devices in the most important place in the world: your home. (written by Franziska Kamhuber and Lea Kovatsch)


Fitness and Health

How affects the internet our everyday life? Would life be conceivable without the technology in medicine at all?

And what are wearables?

The internet of things does not only affect our everyday life, it also affects our fitness and health.

Because of the internet of things we have more possibilities:

Whether you do sports at home with online platforms or with wearabels. Wearables are small computers which are worn on your body for example smart watches or google glasses. Those little things can measure your pulse, heart rate and your body temperature.
You also can connect your wearable with an app on your phone to have an abridgment to create an individual training schedule.

It is not only useful in the private household. The IoT also plays an important role in medicine.

The so called E-Health (Electric Health) helps the doctors and the patients to deal with diseases better than before. One respect is that the measurig instrumets become stricter. Another great aspect is the Big Data Analytics (BDA). The BDA analyses the
patients' information and gives you the best way to treat the patients. With a lot information you can develop new technology and medicament. The outcome of this is that the treatments are more efficient and costs will drop.

Futhermore telemedicine gains in importance because the exchange of information between doctors and their patients is accelerated since the information can be transfered with the internet.


One disadvantage of the IoT is that it might happen that personal information about the patient will be fall into wrong hands. Another disadvantage of the IoT is that the new techology will become more expensive.






Prevention of an Attack

Computer users at home can follow a few simple steps to protect themselves from being attacked.
Users should only use software equipped with the latest update. When a new
virus is found, the developers of the software try to patch the problems which
are only included in the latest update. Only these versions guarantee the
prevention of attacks.


Another advice is installing a firewall. Firewalls stop unauthorized contact and access to the system, but it is not able to remove a virus that is already installed
on the system and that is why users need an anti-virus software. These kinds of
programs can manipulate user software without being found by the firewall.


Having different anti-virus programs installed on computers can be useful, too. Different
programs search for various malware.


But protection from cyberattacks is quite difficult because    criminals are developing new methods how to hack these protection systems, while the

anti-virus programs are still using the same methods as before. 

Transportation and Logistics


The Internet of Things helps transport operaters to reduce costs and to improve services, so they can find for example problems with traffic jams and they can connect different ways of transport, like trains or planes. They connect their transport vehicles with the Internet and the information all the time, like where the vehicle is, which one it is and they can check the state of the product . Like this they can reach their customers faster, which makes the provider of transport more attractive.


The logistics of the Internet of things is based on so called RFID chips (Radio frequency identification) which get different signals without any contacts like barcodes. When an object reaches this area, they read their signals and can make the machines do anything like transport, registration, storage, identification and monitoring. 

Risks of IoT

In the end of October in 2016 there was a big DDoS attack. The attackers synchronised lots of hardware like cameras which are connected to the Internet. This shows that the Internet of Things can be dangerous and that there are many risks:

One of these risks is a huge security problem of the software. In the future you can maybe control microwaves by an app so attackers might overheat those. In fact they are able to burn houses.

Another point is the data privacy protection. An example for that is the DDoS attack on Amazon, Skype and Playstation Network etc. Furthermore one of the attackers used a baby alarm with a monitor to spy for the baby.

At last one problem is the range. With more data traffic a bigger range is used because it's difficult to set new ranges everywhere.

In fact the IoT is in its beginnings and there are some weak spots which have to be fixed. 

What could a future world looks like?

Since 1974 the Internet and especially the technology has changed a lot. But how will it be devoloped in the future? Scientists have been thinking about this topic for many years now. Following some of the possible technology developments should be explained.


The Internet gets faster and faster and it won't stop spreading in the future. Also people will be able to connect nearly thousands of different devices with each other easily. Another aspect is the constant control of one device at home while traveling only using the Internet connection.

For example in the future you can control your coffee machine while being at work and when you get home, you can enjoy your fresh and perfect tempered coffee.



Flying cars? Self driving cars? Ever heard of such things in science fiction movies? Those things are no longer dreams of the future. In the future cars will be self-employed. They'll find aims without any human help, communicate with each other, regulate their speed, find the next gas station, take the shortest road or evade obstacles. In addition those cars are completely environmentally friendly because of electricity driving their motorcycles. The function of the first protype is incredibly good. Scientists think that there will be much less traffic deaths because the cars driven by a computer are more reliable than the ones with a human sitting inside. 

But mobility is just one important thing which will developed with the internet.




With the Internet of Things broken heating systems will for example call the craftsman independently and explain the technical fault. Fridges will order missing food. Gradually everyday objects will be provided with an access to the Internet. It is expected that 50 billion devices are linked up in the year 2020.


Of course the medicine benefits from the technological development. There are more than only smart watches which help us to optimize our workout and produce the latest fitness plan. In the future there will be pills with microchips which are able to give concrete information about ones body health only connecting with the internet and a doctor.


Nobody exactly knows how the future will look like, but nevertheless we are looking forward to meeting new technology developments, like robots or "flying" cars. 

DDos attacks on the IoT

What are DDoS attacks ?

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)  attack is when a server gets an too big inquiry so (that) the server crashes. A DDos attack is a criminal action.

The last big DDoS attack was in the end of October by smart domestic appliances. Because of that web pages like Netflix, Twitter and Spotify crashed. At first many experts thought  that it would be a test preparing a bigger attack on the Internet of Things. 

What are the consequences of such a big attack which crashes the complete Internet of Things ?

At first our complete economy would stop working so after a few days after the panic started, we would run out of our food reserves. Another effect would be that the complete communication in the world would stop.



  • Use a safe password for your routers, networks and devices which are linked to the Internet of Things
  • Change your IP address after an attack, even if it is not a big attack
  • Another more expensive option would be the load balancing. This distributes the inquiry to other bigger servers which can withstand such an attack.

Legal issues:


  • In Germany if you participate at such a DDoS attack you can get up to a three year imprisonment
  • In the United Kingdom you can get a three year imprisonment just for downloading the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) software which you need for such DDos attacks



Smart Burglary

Smart Homes are getting more and more popular. This change will also effect the methods thieves use to break into houses. Crowbars will be thrown away and computers and hacking skills will be the thief's new best friends. 

But why is it so dangerous that somebody can break into a smart home although every computer has a working firewall and an anti-virus program? Most attackers won't use your computer to get inside your WIFI-network but domestic appliances like WIFI refrigerators or WIFI light regulation circuit which have often no security making it easy to hack those. Hackers are also able to hack electronic systems like door locks or even cars. Although it is known that these smart "obstacles" have huge bugs with security updating them is often to expensive and difficult. But what security systems can you use instead so your house doesnt get broken into?

How can I make my smart home safe?

Every WIFI router has a firewall which prevents hackers from hacking or  receiving a computer virus. Sometimes hackers can break through the firewall and acquire control of everything. The only thing you can do to protect your smart home is buying a better router with a better firewall, so that it is not that easy to hack your system but there are still possibilities to crack the firewall. In the end you can't really prevent a cyber attack for which reason you should know that a smart home could be a risk to.



SmartWater is a smart security service which prevents burglary with chemical water in a very simple way. SmartWater is often used to protect precious property of thieves. The system notice unallowed access and spray the thieves with chemical water which is marked differently for every system. This process makes it possible to identify the stolen object and the thief with an UV light and a test which is very similair to the DNA test which shows the chemicals in the water and whose object it is. 

Self-driving Cars

Technology in the cars. That´s nothing new for us. Some cars have a technology to get in a parking lot, some modern cars have an automatic assistent to stay in line or to keep the speed as well. But can technology replace a human?


Positive aspects of self-driving cars are that those cars could prevent up to 90% of car accidents.

Furthermore lots of traffic jams could be prevented because cars could keep less distance than usual cars.

Another problem of self-driving cars is the security system. People could be killed by a car if it has a bug. 

Artifical Intelligence


• It means the intelligence of machines which were programmed by a human. 
• Additonaly they are often able to learn new things just like humans.
Artificial intelligence is a big theme in the future:
• Artficial intelligence should often recognize a virus much earlier  than it is recognized  today, so it  helps to bring more safety in the world wide web.  
• Today more and more people want  to have for example a robot cleaning the floor or helping in the garden.
• In the future many  jobs which are made by people now will be  made by robots that have a artificial intelligence.
• As a result artificial intelligence helps us to create a safer and more relaxed world. Maybe you will be able to talk with a robot or a machine in the future.


What is Somfy ? 

Somfy is the worlwide leading company worldwide in the field of driving and controlling technology for roller shutters, awnings and gates. 

The company was founded in 1960 in Cluses. Although the company is working internationally and its headquarters are still in France. 


Main products

Roller shutters 

They are functioning perfectly automatically. Its electronic devices will stop automatically if they recognize any obstacle in its way. It also switches off in case of frost. The bolts are very solid, so are the brakes. Good insulation saves energy. As the operation works automatically it acts as a deterrent for burglars.


Exteritor blinds

They function according to daylight, thus protecting your privacy. Steering and controlling is very exact.



They provide comfortable protection from the sun and  are offered in different colours and shapes. Additionally, they can be equipped with lights and radiators. They function perfectly  in case of sunshine or shade. The panel remains constantly streched and solid. 



Remote controlled gates provide perfect protection. They are opened and closed automatically and lighted whenever necessary. Obstacles are immediately recognized. They cannot be opened manually. Accumulators garantee its function in case of power shortage.


Garage gates

They function automatically so you needn't leave your car. The electric engines run quietly on cogwheels. 


Alarm systems

These systems will comunicade with you by phone and will inform you perfectly. Their operation  is simple. 


Surveillance systems 

They are functioning automatically or by remote control. Pictures can be delivered by sensors and stored. The cameras are linked with smoke and motion delectors.


The whole technological devices can be controlled automatically or by hand, by sensors or by radio. 

Somfy offers Apps to control all its devices by Smartphone or Tablet. A smart home-system for the whole house can be estabilished and adapted to personal needs. 

These Apps are called TaHoma or CONNEXION. 



360 Degree Cameras


360 Degree Cameras make it possible to shoot a video or take a picture of every horizontal or vertical angle. For a more realistic feeling you can either buy virtual reality glasses or build some by yourself.


Degree Cameras were originally invented for military or surveillance use. In the future there may be other options, not just for 360 Degree Cameras for example even better video quality for all the 360 Degree technology systems.


The omnidirectional cameras are a really new invention which have improved very fast and are available for mobile phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 yet.


Mostly there are two lenses on each side of the plane or round camera. Furthermore you can also attach some GoPros to one another and shoot a video without a special camera, but you have to edit the footage afterwards. Most 360 degree cameras put
the different shots together automatically.


-You can see everything around the cameraman
-You have the decision which part of the video you want to see
-All 360 Degree cameras capture without time delay in HD

Costs and Production companies:

Production companyCosts
Ricoh Theta S 360 Degree CameraRicoh299 Pounds
Samsung Gear 360 Degree CamSamsung284 Pounds
ELECAM 360 Wide AngleElephone115 Pounds
LG 360 CameraLG Electronics199 Pounds


Ordinarily you do not need to buy any other equipment, but in case you have a VR headset like "Oculus Rift", you can watch videos of 360 degree cameras by looking around while wearing the headset. Like this it seems like you were in the video in that moment.






What would Internet of Things be without wearables?

Wearable computers, or "wearables", are small computers that you can wear on your body. They help you manage your normal life, which does not prevent you from doing other things. On top of that are they small and convenient to use.

There are lots of different wearables for several purposes like fitness, spare time, work and health.

One really useful example for a wearable computer is the Respia. It is a easy way to manage the illness asthma and gives a haptic tap or notifies you when you are out of breath and need to take your medication. That system includes an app that reminds and records your daily use of medication so the user gets aware of his illness and notices when it's getting worse. That will also take away the pressure of always thinking about your illness.

This device is only a project that has to find funding to turn the 3D prototype into reality.

Although it is hard to find the right wearable for yourself. If, for example, you want to buy a smartwatch, you have a huge variety of them. Just a few companies like Samsung, Apple and the strong field of Android watches make it hard to decide and they also have all sorts of variant types and designs, from Fossil or Nixon to Swarovski. Blue, yellow or even just a unpretentious black, a stylish silver or a shimmery gold. You can find any design and any color.

That huge variety makes the choise hard, but it opens up great opportunities! Just think about how easy your daily life will be and how much time you can save if you don't have to think of everything and just let a small wearable computer do it. 

And they can be a great birthday present, too! 



 A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle. It is either remotely controlled or can fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans. Every autonomous drone has an embedded system working in conjunction with onboard sensors such as magnetometer, GPS, accelerometer, gyro etc.

Copters/Drones/Military drones:

There are three main types of drones. First, the so called "copters" which are mostly used for racing or aerobatics and often homemade. Second, the professional drones, used by companies or photographers. And third the military drones which can be either
used passively for intelligence or actively as weapon platforms.

Security and Interacting:

The mobility of the cameras and other sensors on the drone also make it possible to overview large areas.
For example, a drone can intercept communication signals, track and identify objects and people and record their movements. With this function a person or a vehicle can be followed over a long period of time. Drones can recieve or absorb every kind of information needed for communication and security.




Intelligent Grid

Smart Grid


- What is a ,,Smart grid''?

- History

- How it works

- Disadvantages

What is a ,,Smart Grid''?

It's an intelligent electrecity network which is useful for energy and information technology.

It also supports a cost-effective system.


In 1888 Nikola Tesler invented the first ,,Smart Grid'' , but it was not yet as modern as today. Then, in the early 1960s, the first big Smart Grids were developed.

Finally in 2000 the first intelligent devices for the house were developed.

How it works:

The special thing about this is that you can communicate in both ,,directions'' . So you it connects all the energy and the energy consumption and assures a communication with the energy producer as well.


It may take its time to be able to profit from the smart grid after you've actually reduced the consumption which can be quite difficult for people who want to profit by it immediately. Also specific standards are still missing which are necessary like the software and meter which need to be combined carefully. 

Augumented Reality

1. Explanation

Augmented reality (AR; also Mixed, Enhanced Reality or Augmented Virtuality) is, in contrast to Virtual Reality, where the user is placed completely in a virtual reality,  the computer supported reality. This means information or virtual objects are added to or rather shown in reality via various gadgets and apps. 



2.1 Support with complex tasks (eg. construction, maintenence or medicine).  Special gadgets are able to show the mechanic the names of the parts or enable x-ray view for a surgeon, based on a tomography made before the surgery or ultrasonic pictures. AR has already been used for tumor surgery and there is an app which can provide individual information and estimate the danger of skin cancer the user is in, just by scanning a mole. In construction AR is used for 3D planning and modeling on mobile devices.

 2.2 Navigation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Interiors: maintainece/management of big industrial facilities  Exteriors: navigation in cars ( additional information or indications can be protected onto the windshield so that they appear on the road) or head-up displays in fighter jets (one of the earliest uses of AR)  

2.3 Uses in Military and disaster management                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Hostile and friendly troops or fire sources can be displayed on portable devices

2.4 Simulation e.g for training pilots

2.5 Entertainment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        For providing additional information in museums and exhibitions; there are some mobil games like Ingress (2012) or Pokemon Go (2016) both developed by Niantic 

2.5 Marketing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Some brands/stores like e.g. Ikea offer AR services for customers


3. Gadgets and apps 

There are currently various smart glasses on the market and more in development, most of them are kickstarter projects. For example there is the Moverio BT-2000 whitch is designed for industrial and mechanical use, the Meta which kind of can make see and interact with holograms meaning it overlays reality with augmented reality, the Vuzix M-100 which is a gadget based on the Android system, i.e it can run multiple Android apps and can, via Bluetooth, be connected to any Android phone, is able to take pictures and 1080p videos and can be clipped onto a  pair of glasses or the French Laster SeeThru  which promises to provide additional information wherever the user goes, works as a GPS, a head-up display and promises many more futuristic functions. But there's a big downside to all that futuristic tech: many of those gadgets still have major control issues, make users dizzy or are just insanely expensive and to big a risk of not keeping what the ads promise. There are also some mobile apps and games like PokemonGo, released summer 2016, which lets you catch creatures of the well-known and almost cult game Pokemon, train and evolve them and challenge other players with them, out in the open and caused a massive, almost controversial, global hype. There is also its, as some people say, almost better developed predecessor Ingress which offers a great class and skill system and far more creatures then PokemonGo but it barly even was noticed. But there are far more apps using AR e.g. there is an app letting you design, plan and place tatoos on your own body, an app which shows the user when pointed at the sky during nighttime which stars are to see and loads of navigation apps which apparently also count as AR.

Dash Buttons

It looks like a door bell or key chain and on (top of) it there is a company logo, for example the comany logo of "Ariel".(what's Ariel?)

The "Dash Button" was launched by Amazon. The word to dash means "rasen" in German and it should symbolize that the order "dashs" and you can get (receive) it within 24h. Its only purpose is to buy a specific product on click. Before you can use it you must install some  things (calibrate the device), for example, if necessary, how much, what size and which brand you want. After that you can't change (your calibration/programming) and with every click you get the product with the characteristics you installed before. The "Dash Button" is connected with your smartphone and so your order will be sent to Amazon and they will send the product as soon as possible to you. Every "Dash Button" costs 4,99 euros, but (you get) this price regain/make up for the price with your next purchase (back) .

At first it looks like  it is easy to handle and practical.

 But the downside is that you always have to pay the price which Amazon wants you to pay. Because Amazon can change the price whenever they want to  and the costumer will only be informed if the price is increased by more than 10%.

The second thing is there are the strictly German "E-Commerce-Recht" which everybody must be told about before he or she buys something. Amazon does that but only after the purchase. They say that the costumers get this information with the "Amazon-Shopping-App", but  Martin Rätze, who is a right-wing (rechtsextremistisch?) expert from "Trusted Shops", an institution which gives seals of approval for Webshops, says that is too late. The consumer center of Nordrhein-Westfalen wants a court to check if that is ok, too.


Sources: Spiegel online



Love Poems and Expositions


Im Zusammenhang mit dem Thema Literatur verfassten die Schüler der Klasse 11a Gedichte zum Thema Liebe und Expositionen.

Here are a few - enjoy yourself!
(K. Clarke)


This night I could cry
Cry till the earth shakes

I can still see you
in her arms
I can still realize the happiness
in your eyes
I can still feel the tears
on my face

No place in my heart is filled with light

This night I could cry
Cry till the earth shakes
Cry till you understand me
Cry till nothing is alive anymore

I cried till nothing was dry anymore
till I saw you
she in your arms
she who you love
she who made me understand

and so I still cry

(by Antonia Wachter)

 What Love means

I'm fine whenever you're around
Your smile it makes my moment count
Everyday it seems so true
The feeling that I have for you
But I dont know you very well
Your fears your dreams I could not tell
I just want to see what you feel inside
I want to dig deep into your mind
To prove if still then I would wish
To lie on the beach and burn Percy Bysshe
And I guess even there you would be near
So believe me when I say i love you my dear

(by Andreas Sing)

Music plays loud, I'm sitting on my bed
Looking at your picture, to me the world is red
I'm gonna sit here till I feel the night
I'm gonna wait here till the stars shine bright
Then I wonder why she doesn't know my name
And if it's my look that's to blame

I turn the music loud, there's another song
He sings about true love, what is wrong ?
I turn off the lights, wait till it starts
Lying in my bed, I stay till it will begin
Then I wonder how it would be like
And how I feel then, Mike

Music on my stereo's off, I get tired
My room is dark, my world is quiet
I'm sleeping till you're in my dreams
I hope you are with me in my dreams
Then I wonder when it will be
Or if it's gonna happen

The more you suffer
The more it shows you really care

(by Peter Hümmer)
 Love poem

We hear about it all the time
Through eccentric poets, with poems that rhyme
Through Hollywood movies, with a fairytale course
Of passion, of emotion, of regret, of remorse

They tell of feelings floating high
Of sitting awed, on clouds in the sky
Of waiting forever for a lover's return 
Of what they have lost, of what they have learned

Of eating strawberries together one day
Of love receding and fading away
Of minds engaged and spirits that soar
They have all said it before

Therefore I will not write a long poem today
For there will be no meaning in what I say
Love cannot be written, it has to be felt
Experience is the only way to make your heart melt.

(by Eva Wagatha)

The Book
"You won't do it , will you ?", said Andrew. "No, I won't.", said Charles. There was a long pause. Then Andrew shook his head: "It's unbelievable. Just… unbelievable." Charles didn't answer. He looked up to the sky that was covered with millions of stars. Andrew looked, too, but he didn't seem to see them because he resumed speaking. "It was a promise.", he said, "You don't want to break it, do you ?" Charles laughed: "A promise! Do you know what I promised myself that night ? " If I survive this, I will never ever open it again." "I know. But now it's different. You have to open it or…" he paused for a moment and then he said slowly: "or you will die." "Did you know that sometimes it speaks at night ?", asked Charles. "What do you mean by speaking ?", asked Andrew with a tremble in his voice. "It happens when you're almost asleep." , said Charles, "Then you sometimes hear a voice and you don't know if it was real or in your dream. You go downstairs to look to see if there's somebody in the house and then you see it on the table. And it wants you to open it. It's not easy to resist."He paused and then he said: "Well, it's getting quite chilly. Is there something else you wanted to tell me or can I go inside, now ?" "Are you crazy ?" , said Andrew, "Listen to me, they will find you. It's just a matter of time. And then they will kill you. You've only got one chance, now." "Then I prefer to die", said Charles. Andrew shook his head again: "I can't help you. I'm sorry, but I can't help you anymore. Think about it." He opened the door of the car and got in. "Think about it." , he repeated. Then he gave a sign to the driver and the car slid away silently leaving Charles alone on the street. A cool wind came up and he decided it was better to go back in his house. As he entered the living room he saw it. The book was lying on the table, illuminated by the small Japanese table lamp. He carefully went towards the table. And then he felt it again. It began like a sweet breeze that brought the smell of the ocean, the sensation of adventure from within you. But then it slowly rose to a wind, soon to a storm, something that pulled him towards the table, something that wouldn't let him go. Charles knew this feeling very well, but nevertheless it was strong, almost too strong for him. He was completely filled by the mad desire to open the book once again, to go back to the places he had been. But he didn't do it. Charles woke up and realized that he was still lying on the floor of his living room. He was soaked to the skin by his own sweat. It was very dark now and he had no idea how long he had been asleep. He stood up and looked around, trying not to look on the table. Then suddenly he heard a sound that made him jerk. He knew this sound only too well. They were coming.

(Daniel OH)

 Some Sunday noon


He looked over his shoulder again. No, they weren't coming after him. Be sensible, he told himself. There's no way they could have noticed already. But if you don't stop looking around and running, they'll be after you in no time because of your suspicious behaviour!
He slowed down to a strolling pace and tried to keep the guilty look off his face. Really, he needn't worry. He had been so careful, not making any noise, wearing rubber gloves, and he had brought clean clothes to get rid of the blood-stained ones, had wiped up the blood on the floor and hung the "Do not disturb" - sign on the doorknob. He still had time to go home and pack his stuff before leaving.
A smile started to broaden on his face. Ha! Hadn't he shown the bastard?! He would have never expected that! He chuckled in the memory of the shocked face, the bulging eyes. No one was ever going to despise and ignore him without punishment again!
His thin, small body straightened up and he held his head high as he walked through the hot and dusty streets.

(by Eva Wagatha)
A superstar's fall

It should have been his greatest concert. The whole world knew, he would fly down to the stage in a helicopter, where he would start the concert by singing his superhit "Forever in love", and then do his famous performance. Everybody wanted to see it. Julio Fernandez was a superstar. The fans in front of the stage screamed as loud as they could and waited impatiently for his spectacular appearance. Then it began: The music started and his voice was carried out into the huge stadium. The helicopter appeared and the crowd shouted with joy. But then it happened: Suddenly Julio stopped singing and began to scream as the helicopter crashed down to the stadium and exploded with a big noise.
Agent #1 and agent #2 sat in their favourite bar and were having a discussion about football, when the ringing of #2's mobilephone interrupted them. It was Helena Troy, their boss: "Julio Fernandez, the pop-superstar died at his most important performance in New York. Go there and check, if it could have been a murder!" Then she hung up. "Who would have been interested in killing a renown popstar?" asked #2. "We'll see" said #1.

(by Linda Leitner)
 Murder at the Pinkies

On the planet Stoneburger there are many creatures that we, the habitants of the earth don't know. I'm not going to tell you all about their lives, oh no, I just want to inform you about one of these creatures, called Pinkies. However, you ought to have some information about them. Pinkies are little pink people, not bigger than dwarfs, but with a small aerial on the head. With the aerial they can speak to each other, but they don't speak very often. Pinkies live in small modern houses that are made of steel. Inside you can often find advanced forms of computers, phones, etc. Their technology is highly developed. But it's not pleasant to visit a Pinky because the houses are very clean, not comfortable at all and besides, Pinkies are very silent. Therefore, Pinkies have no friends and live all on their own. 
One day, Inko, a forty-year old Pinky was found dead in his house. He was murdered by a laser. Only after five weeks did the other Pinkies notice Inko's death. How the Pinkies' police found the murderer of Inko, I want to tell you.